Diet Manager Project

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This  is a project developed for a company specialized in nutrition looking for a solution to organize and monitor their patients through a web application. The application is developed in ASP.Net MVC  while Data Access Layer uses Entity Framework. The UI is built on Extjs  framework that queries the data through json webservices. The application is divided in different sections:

  • Dashboard: shows a summary of all diets,visits and appointments
  • Manage Users: from this page is possible to add/remove/modify applications users. Each user can be assigned to a branch and assigned to a role
  • Appointments: from this calendar is possible to review all scheduled appointments and add new ones. 
  • Patients: this page shows all patients data, it is possible to modify/create/delete users, add appointments, and open a detailed view of each patient
  • Diets : from here it is possible to manage all diets, it is possible to write diets in the text editor, or create one in the diet manager where it is possible to have a count of total calories.
  • Branches: this page manages all the different branches.

The demo of the application is at this address (username: admin, password: demo):


Currency Exchange Office Project

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This is a  single-page web application (SPA) created in C# MVC/WebAPI to manage several currency exchange office. The application manages cash / credit card / travel cheque transactions, bank accounts, customers data, scan of customer documents, currency commissions, cash registers, daily/monthly reports, POS printers, transfers between offices.


The UI recreates a desktop experience and is based on Extjs 4 framework, all requests are served through a REST service built in C# WebApi while the Data Layer uses POCO objects and Entity Framework6 interfaced through a Ninject DI Container.

The demo of the application is at this address (username: admin, password: demo):


Skydiving Center Project

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This projects is based on Laravel 4 Framework, Eloquent ORM and MySql database. The web application manages all the main activities of a skydiving center, such as customer registrations, certifications, documents, payments, flights and groups scheduling, management of all materials, airplanes refueling and so on..

The application is divided in 5 main sections:

  • Anagrafica: This section manages all informations of the skydiving center customers. It is possible to create new customers, modify details, print all data, add payment records, verify customer expirations dates, and allow the customer to skydive.
  • Lista Registrazioni: This section provides all the information of the customers who are allowed to skydive in that day. From the list is possible to verify if the customer has all documents in order, modify their data and payment informations.
  • Manifest: This is the main section of the web application, where it is possible to schedule the daily flights, and assign customers to each flight. For each flight is possible to create groups, change type of airplane, assign materials to the customers. The interface allows to drag&drop the customers from a list to the relevant flight.
  • Settings: In this section is possible to modify all settings of the application to personalize each aspect of the application, from airplane names, to name of the skyding groups, type of customers and so on...
  • Gestione Utenti: From here is possible to manage the different users of the application and their role.

The demo of the application is at this address (username:, password: demo):

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